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Intial Treatment : £65 (1 and a half hours )

Follow up treatment : £50

Acupuncture Services in New Malden


New Malden

New Malden Acupuncture - Directions

Parking is available at this clinic making the clinic accessible by car to the neighbouring locations of Kingston and Raynes park .It is also just off the A3. The clinic is a 5min walk from New Malden high street and a 15 minute walk from New Malden train station.

New Malden Acupuncture Feedback

As a long standing client I cannot recommend Catherine's treatments highly enough. I have experienced problems with anxiety and depression for many years which manifests in chronic neck and shoulder tension and sleep problems. Over the years I have tried many alternative therapies and can honestly say that Catherine's treatments have been the most beneficial on both a physical and emotional level.

During treatments I feel incredibly relaxed and peaceful and afterwards continue to feel calmer and sleep much better. Recently I have stopped taking antidepressants and sleeping tablets after 9 yrs.

I find Catherine a warm ,caring and empathic person who puts people at ease straight away. She works in a very intuitive way and tailors each treatment to the individual's needs for that particular session .

Judith, New Malden Clinic

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