Client Testimonials


As a long standing client I cannot recommend Catherine's treatments highly enough. I have experienced problems with anxiety and depression for many years which manifests in chronic neck and shoulder tension and sleep problems. Over the years I have tried many alternative therapies and can honestly say that Catherine's treatments have been the most beneficial on both a physical and emotional level.

During treatments I feel incredibly relaxed and peaceful and afterwards continue to feel calmer and sleep much better. Recently I have stopped taking antidepressants and sleeping tablets after 9 yrs.

I find Catherine a warm ,caring and empathic person who puts people at ease straight away. She works in a very intuitive way and tailors each treatment to the individual's needs for that particular session .

Judith, London

I found Catherine to be a very calm, confident and intuitive healer. She was treating me for digestive problems and after the second session I felt a lightness in my stomach where previously I had felt as if there was a heavy blockage. I would definitely recommend her.

Elspet, London

Catherine has an amazingly caring nature, and really takes the time to do a thorough client interview to determine how best to target problem areas that can be improved by acupuncture. She explains in detail about what areas she will work on during her sessions and what to expect. I always feel much better after receiving acupuncture from Catherine, and I would definitely recommend her skills as an experienced practitioner.

Shelley, London

I had acupuncture treatment administered by Catherine Adelaja for lower back pain and indigestion/heartburn symptoms. During treatments I felt an immediate sense of relaxation and could feel the treatment non-invasively doing its work.

I later felt relief from the symptoms I was suffering from and they did gradually improve throughout the week, after each treatment. A few weeks after the sessions, I felt a definite sense of well-being and upliftment followed by the problems clearing up.

I think what Catherine did was clear up emotional blockage that was creating the back issues. I don’t know how that works but I know she was very sensitive and listened well when she took my background notes. I also looked forward to the treatments because they were so relaxing I could just tune out and I always left with a sense of deep peace. I think Catherine’s approach was gentle, nurturing and practical - her knowledge of the body’s functions, diet’s role in healing and her own inner sense of your state and needs all enabled her to give a very enriching, productive and individual treatment programme.

Azra, London

Catherine is a warm and caring person. A session with her leaves you feeling heard and supported. She listens thoroughly to your concerns and takes them seriously, tailoring treatments appropriately and with a view to the whole person.

I saw her over a period of time for the treatment of menopausal symptoms. I found a gradual improvement in my overall health, increased energy levels, and better sleep patterns. I would recommend Catherine highly.

Janet, London

I went to visit Catherine for help with heavy and painful periods. After an initial consultation and just a few sessions of acupuncture, the following months I noticed a huge improvement. Catherine was easy to talk to and put me at ease as I was new to acupuncture as a therapy. She explained everything clearly and I felt relaxed and safe in her hands. I would recommend her, especially if you have never had acupuncture before.

Trisha, London

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